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Bluetti B300 additional battery pack 3072 Wh

Bluetti B300 additional battery pack 3072 Wh
2,062.82€ (1,624.27€ + VAT)
2,062.82€ (1,624.27€ + VAT)
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Model: MN-2808330
Availability: External stock
Expected delivery: April 22, 2024
Shipping fee: Free


Can be used to expand Bluetti Power Station!
(Compatible with Bluetti AC200MAX, AC200P and AC300 devices)


3072Wh capacity per expansion module
1x 100W USB-C, 1x 12V/10A and 1x USB-A port output
The B300's intelligent MPPT enables fast solar charging with a maximum output of 200W
It can also be charged from a wall socket, car or lead battery
Car charging and charging of lead-acid batteries must be implemented via the D050S input.
Flexible reloading
Thanks to the built-in MPPT, the BLUETTI B300 can be quickly charged with a maximum solar energy input of 200W. It also supports charging from AC, car and lead-acid batteries. D050S is required for charging car and lead-acid batteries.

A versatile power source
You can power smartphones, laptops, fans, lamps, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. with special output ports - via the 100W USB-C, 12V/10A cigarette lighter and 18W USB-A outputs.

Expandable battery pack
Thanks to its top-quality LifePO4 battery cells, the BLUETTI B300 battery reaches 80% of its original 3072Wh capacity even after 3500 charging cycles. When connected to the BLUETTI AC200MAX, AC200P or AC300 devices, you can double, triple or even quadruple the total capacity.

Home backup power source and Power Bank for travel
At family gatherings or camping, the B300 can function as a backup power source or as a portable power bank. It provides energy for the tools you need at home and for camping, so that you can finally relax and just feel good.


Capacity: 3,072 Wh (51.2V, 60Ah)
Type: LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate)
Lifespan: 3,500+ cycles up to 80% original capacity
Need to recharge: to 80% every 3-6 months
Management system: MPPT controller, BMS, etc.


USB-C port: 1x 100W Max.
USB-A port: 1x 18W USB-A
12V DC outputs: 12V/10A (car connector)


AC charging: 500W maximum
Solar power supply: 200W maximum, VOC 10-60VDC, 10A
Car charging: 12/24V from the cigarette lighter port
Combined charging: 700W, with AC data charger + solar input


AC input: ≈ 6.5~7 hours at 500W power.
Solar panel: ≈ 15.5~16 hours at 200W (in sunshine, ideal orientation and low temperature)
12V/24V car charging (100W/200W: ≈ 30 or 15 hours
AC + solar energy: ≈ 5 hours at 700W power (in sunshine, ideal orientation and low temperature)
Solar panel + solar panel: ≈ 5 hours at 700W (D050S DC charging booster required)
Dual AC: ≈ 5 hours at 700W (extra adapter required)


Through charging: Yes
Weight: 36.1 kg
Dimensions: 520 x 320 x 266mm
Operating temperature: -20-40℃
Storage temperature: -20-40°C
Certifications: UL, CEC, DOE, FCC, CA Prop 65


Size 520x320 x266mm
Storageinformation_mark External warehouse
Weight 36100 g
Wireless No



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