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Battery f. Gateway 2524264 2524265 3UR18650-2-T0036 3UR18650-2-T0037

Battery f. Gateway 2524264 2524265 3UR18650-2-T0036 3UR18650-2-T0037
31.61€ (24.89€ + VAT)
31.61€ (24.89€ + VAT)
Average Rating: Not Rated
Model: PT-2299
Availability: External stock
Expected delivery: March 01, 2024
Shipping fee: 2.55€
Capacity: 4400 mAh, Voltage: 11,1 V , Cell technology: Li-Ion , Manufacturer: Patona, Product family: Patona Standard


Battery f. Gateway 2524264 2524265 3UR18650-2-T0036 3UR18650-2-T0037

Technical Data:
Voltage: 11,1 Volt
Capacity: 4400mAh
Type: Li-Ion

Compatible model number:
Gateway M-14, M1400, M-1400, M1408j, M-1408J, M-1410J, M-1411J, M1412, M-1412, M150, M-150, M-150S, M-150S Slate Grey Ridgeview, M-150S Garnet Red, M-150S Pacific Blue, M-150X, M-150X Garnet Red, M-150X Pacific Blue, M-150X Pacific Blue Ridgeview, M-150X Slate Grey Ridgeview, M-150XL, M-150XL Garnet Red, M-150XL Pacific Blue, M-150XL Pacific Blue Ridgeview, M-150XL Slate Grey Ridgeview, M-151S, M-151S Arctic Bloom, M-151S Garnet Red, M-151S Pacific Blue, M-151S Silver, M151x, M-151X, M-151X Arctic Bloom, M-151X Garnet Red, M-151X Pacific Blue, M-151X Silver, M151xl, M-151XL, M-151XL Garnet Red, M-151XL Pacific Blue, M-151XL Silver, M-152, M-152S, M-152S Arctic Bloom, M-152S Garnet Red, M-152S Pacific Blue, M-152S Silver, M152xl, M-152XL, M-152XL Garnet Red, M-152XL Pacific Blue, M-153, M-153S, M-153S Garnet Red, M-153S Pacific Blue, M-153S Silver, M-153X, M-153X Garnet Red, M-153X Silver, M-153XL, M-153XL Arctic Bloom, M-153XL Garnet Red, M-153XL Pacific Blue, M-16, M1600, M-1600, M1615, M-1615, M1617, M-1617, M1618, M-1618, M1618N, M-1618N, M1618R, M-1618R, M1619j, M-1619J, M-1622, M-1622H, M-1624, M-1625, M-1626, M-1628, M-1629, M-1630J, M-1631J, M-1632J, M-1634u, M-24, M-2400, M-2404u, M-2408j, M-2409j, M-2410j, M-2410u, M-2414u, M-2421u, M-26, M-2600, M-2623u, M-2624u, M-2625u, M-2626u, M52s, M-6000, M-6205M, M-6206M, M-6207M, M6300, M6305, M-6305, M6307, M-6307, M6308, M-6308, M-6309, M-6312, M-6315, M-6316, M-6317, M6318, M-6318, M-6319, M-6320, M-6322, M-6323, M-6324, M-6325, M-6332, M-6333, M-6334, M-6335, M-6337, M-6339U, M-6340U, M6700, M-6750, M-6750H, M-6752, M-6755, M6800, M6801m, M-6801M, M-6801MT, M6802m, M-6802M, M6803m, M-6803M, M6804m, M-6804M, M-6805M, M-6806M, M-6807M, M6808m, M-6808M, M-6809M, M-6810M, M-6811M, M-6812M, M-6813M, M-6814M, M6815, M-6815, M6816, M-6816, M6817, M-6817, M6821b, M-6821B, M6822, M-6822, M6823, M-6823, M6823a, M-6823A, M6824, M-6824, M6825j, M-6825J, M6826j, M-6826J, M-6827, M6827j, M-6827J, M6828b, M-6828B, M6829b, M-6829B, M-6834, M-6839J, M-6840J, M-6841, M-6842J, M-6843, M-6844, M-6846, M-6847, M-6848, M-6849, M-6850FX, M-6851, M-6854M, M-6862, M-6864FX, M-6866, M-6867, M-6873B, M-6873H, M-6874H, M-6875B, M-6876B, M-6877B, M-6878, M-6878H, M-6879J, M-6880, M-6881, M-6882h, M-6883u, M6884h, M-6884h, M-6885u, M-6887u, M-6888h, M-6888u, M6889u, M-6889u, M-73, M-7300, M7301h, M-7301h, M7301u, M-7301u, M-7305u, M-7309h, M-7315u, M-7317u, M7325u, M-7325u, M-7328u, M-7333u, M-7334u, M-7342u, M-7343u, M-7347u, M-7348u, M-7349u, M-7350u, P170, P-170, P-170L, P-170X, P-171, P-171S, P-171S FX, P-171X, P-171X FX, P-171XL FX, P-172, P-172S FX, P-172X, P-172XL FX, P-173, P-173X FX, P-173XL FX, P-6000, P6300, P6301, P-6301, P6302, P-6302, P-6311, P-6312, P-6313, P-6313H, P-6317, P-6318U, P-6801M FX, P6822, P-6822, P6825, P-6825, P6828h, P-6828H, P6829h, P-6829H, P-6831 FX, P-6832, P-6836, P-6860 FX, P6860fx, P-6861J FX, P-78, P-7800, P-7801U FX, P-7811 FX, P-7812J FX, P-7908u FX, P-7915u FX, P-7917u FX, P-7920u FX, T-1400, T-1409J, T-1412, T-1413h, T1600, T-1600, T-1602M, T-1603M, T-1604M, T-1605M, T1616, T-1616, T1620, T-1620, T1621, T-1621, T1622, T-1622, T-1623, T1625, T-1625, T-1628, T-1628H, T-1629, T-1630, T-1631, T-6000, T-6208C, T6300, T-6303C, T-6304C, T-6305C, T-6307C, T6308c, T-6308C, T6311, T-6311, T-6313, T-6313H, T-6315C, T-6316C, T-6317C, T-6318C, T-6319C, T-6320C, T-6321, T-6322C, T-6324C, T-6325C, T-6326C, T-6327C, T6339u, T6340u, T6341u, T6800, T6801m, T-6801M, T6802m, T-6802M, T6810, T6815, T-6815, T6815h, T-6815H, T6816, T-6816, T6816h, T-6816H, T6817c, T-6817C, T6818c, T-6818C, T6819c, T-6819C, T6820c, T-6820C, T6821c, T-6821C, T6822c, T-6822C, T6823c, T-6823C, T-6824C, T-6825C, T-6826C, T-6827C, T6828, T-6828, T-6829, T-6829H, T-6830C, T-6831C, T-6832C, T-6834C, T-6836, T-6840C, T-6841H, T-6842, T-6842H

Compatible part numbers:
1BTIZZZ0TAT, 1BTIZZZ0TAU, 1BTIZZZ0TAV, 2524264, 2524265, 3UR18650-2-T0036, 3UR18650-2-T0037, 3UR18650F-2-ARM, 6501117, 6501147, 6501164, 6501165, 6501166, 6501167, 6501168, 6501169, 6501171, 6501182, 6501187, 6501188, 6501189, 6501190, 6501191, 6501200, 6501202, 6501203, 6501209, 6501210, 6501211, 6501212, 6501213, 6501214, 6501215, 6501216, 6501217, 6501219, 6506124R, 6506125R, 6506126R, 6506128, 6506156R, 6506157R, 916C6240F, 916C6250, 916C6790F, 916C6800F, 916C6810F, 916C6940F, 916C7320F, 934T2660F, 934T2670F, 934T2690F, 934T2700F, 934T2720F, 934T2730F, 934T2920F, 934T2960F, 935C/T2090F, 935C/T2270, 935C2090F, 935C2150F, 935C2180F, 935C2190F, 935T2090F, AB170, B1865010G00004, B1865010G00006, B1865060GA0013, B1865060GA0014, B1865060GA0015, B1865060GA0016, B1865060GA0017, B1865060GA0018, B1865060GA0019, B1865060GA0020, B1865060GA0021, B1865060GA0161, BT.00603.047, BT.00603.050, BT.00603.051, BT.00607.024, BT.00607.025, BT.00607.026, BT.00607.029, BT.00607.030, BT.0060D.001, BT.0060D.002, BT.0060D.003, BT.0060D.004, BT.0060D.005, BT.0060D.006, DAK100440-010144L, DAK100440-010802L, DAK100440-011107L, DAK100440-011805, DAK100440-011805L, DAK100520-010102L, DAK100520-010802L, SQU-715, SQU-719, SQU-720, SQU-721, W35044LB, W35044LB-SP, W35044LB-SP1, W35044LB-SY, W35052LB, W35052LB-SP, W35052LB-SY, W35078LD

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Cell manufacturer Patona Standard
Voltage 11,1 V
Manufacturer Patona
Capacity 4400 mAh
Storageinformation_mark External warehouse
Watt-hour capacity 48


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