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PATONA PROTECT Battery f. GoPro Hero 8 AHDBT-801 Hero 7 AHDBT-701 Hero 6 Hero 5 AHDBT-501

PATONA PROTECT Battery f. GoPro Hero 8 AHDBT-801 Hero 7 AHDBT-701 Hero 6 Hero 5 AHDBT-501
RRP: 23.39€
14.99€ (11.80€ + VAT)
Discount: 8.40€
RRP: 23.39€
14.99€ (11.80€ + VAT)
Discount: 8.40€
Average Rating: Not Rated
Model: PT-13325
Availability: In Stock
Expected delivery: July 16, 2024
Shipping fee: 2.52€
, Voltage: 3,85 V , Cell technology: Li-Ion, Manufacturer: Patona, Product family: Patona Protect


PATONA PROTECT Battery f. GoPro Hero 8 AHDBT-801 Hero 7 AHDBT-701 Hero 6 Hero 5 AHDBT-501

Our batteries from the series PATONA PROTECT are new and exclusive. These are characterized by an extremely heat and fire-resistant housing. It was specially developed for extreme continuous use.
The battery housing made of V1 fireproof material ensures housing temperatures even up to 90 degrees can be endured without deforming.
Furthermore, only selected branded high-performance cells are used for this battery. The PATONA PROTECT series is the new revolution on the battery market, which combines extremely high security and performance with durability.
As with the original battery, NTC resistors (negative temperature coefficient) are attached to the battery circuit board, which control the temperature control and switch off automatically in the event of overheating.

Technical Data:
Capacity: 1250mAh / 4,8125Wh
Voltage: 3,85 Volt
Cell type: Li-Ion

The battery is suitable for the following models:

601-10197-00, AABAT-001, AABAT-001-AS, ASST1, CHDHX-501, Hero 5, Hero 5 Black, Hero 6 Black, Hero 7 Black, Hero 7 Silver, Hero 7 White, Hero 8 Black

This battery replaces the following original battery types:

025416, 421850, AHDBT-501, AHDBT-701, AHDBT-801, GOP004, IEC 62133, IS 16046, R-41047830

Useful information:
With this Li-ion battery you are purchasing a quality product. The battery is 100% identical to the original battery.
All batteries are manufactured according to the highest European quality standards and are characterized by their extreme durability.
In addition, our batteries have the highest cycle stability, which means a high number of possible charge-discharge cycles.
The low self-discharge of the batteries ensures low energy loss when not in use.
The compatible replica batteries have all the electronic safety precautions of the original batteries and can of course be charged with your original power pack.

Attractive discounts available for dealers - please contact your account manager for details.
Attention: The PROTECT battery series may not be offered for sale on eBay, Amazon, Otto and Real.


Cell manufacturer Patona Protect
Cell technology Li-Ion
Voltage 3,85 V
Manufacturer Patona
Capacity 1250 mAh
Storageinformation_mark Central warehouse


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