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ASUS laptop akkumulátorok

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ASUS, a Taiwanese multinational company, is a prominent player in the world of computing devices. The company offers a wide range of devices and are renowned for producing high quality laptops that satisfy various customer needs. One of the key features that distinguishes ASUS laptops from their competitors is their reliable and efficient battery system.

A key feature of ASUS laptop batteries is their long life and outstanding capacity. The brand uses lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, which are primarily known for their energy density, light weight and low self-discharge rate.

ASUS laptops feature fast charging capabilities, allowing users to quickly charge their devices and reduce downtime. Many models have USB Type-C charging ports, so they can be charged with universal USB-C chargers.

To ensure optimal battery life, ASUS has developed Battery Health Charging (BHC) technology. The feature allows users to set the maximum charge limit (60%, 80% or 100%), which helps prevent overcharging and prolong battery life.

ASUS laptop battery capacity varies depending on the model. For example, ultrabooks, such as the ASUS ZenBook series, typically have batteries with capacities of 50Wh and 70Wh, which provide an average of 10-14 hours of use on a single charge. Laptops designed for gaming, such as the ASUS ROG series, typically have a higher capacity, primarily between 80Wh and 90Wh, so they don't put a strain on other components during operation.

The majority of batteries sold by the brand are available in 3-cell or 4-cell configurations. The number of cells determines the total capacity and physical size of the battery. 4 cell batteries offer longer operating time, but are larger and heavier.