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Battery waste management

Dear Customers!

Please note that waste batteries and accumulators can only be collected and disposed of separately from other household waste.

Why can waste batteries and accumulators be dangerous?

Some of the equipment we sell may contain Li-Ion, Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd batteries. The exact type of batteries and accumulators can be found on the packaging and/or in the instructions for use of the electrical and electronic equipment. Spent batteries are considered hazardous waste and their disposal by the user is not recommended. Spent batteries and accumulators may be hazardous waste and should be collected separately from municipal waste.

What can I do if I have generated the waste listed above?

We offer our customers who are consumers under environmental legislation and natural person waste holders the possibility to dispose of their used or waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators free of charge.

We operate collection points in the following shops during opening hours:

Külső shop (9024 Győr, Kálvária utca 35, Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 16:30)

Other collection points can be reached via the link below:

Collection points

Hazardous waste management:
The producer obligations for battery and accumulator waste are handled by our contracted partner PontVelem Nonprofit Kft., who takes over the take-back and collection obligations.

For resellers and traders
Traders who sell batteries and accumulators must collect the returned waste from the consumer and place it in a collection container.

Take-back and recovery
Pursuant to Government Decree 109/2005 (VI. 23.) on the take-back of waste batteries and accumulators and waste management of Act XLIII of 2000 on the Management of Waste (hereinafter referred to as the Act), Article 59 (1) (b) and Act LIII of 1995 on the General Rules for the Protection of the Environment, Article 110 (7) (d), we comply with the legal requirements and the Minister of the Environment and Water Management, subject to Article 8 of the Act, and
13/2005 (VI. 23.) of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Management.
All end-users of batteries and accumulators are obliged to return them to the trade or to the recycler of the valuable material, e.g. community incinerators.

More information on recycling of batteries and accumulators: