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GPS battery

Quality aftermarket batteries for reliable, long-lasting navigation. Don't get lost driving, motorcycling or cycling because of a dead GPS. We offer batteries for several manufacturers (e.g. Garmin, TOMTOM, Navigon). If you're not sure you've chosen the right one, contact us and we'll help you.

GPS devices are now essential tools in our daily lives. They not only help with car navigation, but can also be useful in many other areas. For example, while hiking, playing sports, or roaming in a foreign city, they function as our reliable companions so that we can follow the route exactly and not get lost either in the city or among the mountains. The proper power source is essential for the operation of GPS devices. In order for these small devices to function accurately and efficiently, they need a suitable battery. This provides power to the GPS system, which enables positioning and navigation. Different types of batteries are available for installation in GPS devices. One of the most common types is Lithium Ion (Li-Ion). They are highly efficient and lightweight, making them an ideal choice for GPS devices. In addition, thanks to their high charge cycle, they can be used for a longer time without quickly draining. Another popular option is the lithium-polymer battery group, but as a last resort, powering with alkaline batteries can also be a good choice for GPS devices.

The lifetime and charging time of GPS batteries usually depends on its type, the way it is used and our charging habits. As mentioned, GPS devices usually use lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries. These battery types tend to last longer and charge faster than previous generation nickel-cadmium batteries. Battery life is greatly influenced by how much we load the device. Frequent use, long-term use, and extreme temperature conditions (too cold or too hot environments) can degrade battery performance and lifespan. It is important not to let the battery run down for a long time and not to overcharge it. To maintain optimal condition, it is worth keeping it at a charge level between 20-80%.

Average GPS battery life is usually between 2-5 years, but this can vary significantly depending on the mentioned factors. And the charging time can usually range from a few hours to even a day, depending on the capacity and the technology used to charge the battery. It is important to follow your device's user manual to optimize battery life and performance.