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Solar systems

We call solar systems any system consisting of solar panels, inverters, mounting brackets and other accessories that are installed in a house, institution or other place to produce energy from solar radiation. Solar systems can be used to generate electricity efficiently. In the long run, solar systems are definitely a good investment, as we can easily see if we look at the energy prices that have been soaring in recent years. However, the payback period for solar systems depends on the way they are installed and their size.

Solar PV systems are very popular today and have transformed the world. More and more people are thinking about self-sufficiency and independence from the grid. The perfect solution to this is the island solar system.

There are island systems - which we also sell - where electricity is generated by solar panels and stored in batteries. There are also grid-feedback systems, where excess energy is fed back into the grid, which can result in significant savings for consumers. If the system does not produce enough, it is also possible to buy from the grid. And there is a Hybrid solar PV system, which essentially combines the positive features of both islanding and feed-back solar PV systems.

Our webshop offers a complex solution for the equipment needed to build a solar system, here you will find everything you need for a perfect solar system. You can order inverters, batteries, battery chargers, charge controllers and many other accessories.

Take a look at our products and choose the right one for your needs in each category, and if you need help, ask one of our team for advice!