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Volt Polska 24V 200Ah 100A LiFePo4 Energy storage battery pack (25,6V)

Volt Polska 24V 200Ah 100A LiFePo4 Energy storage battery pack (25,6V)
1,272.50€ (1,001.97€ + VAT)
Volt Polska
1,272.50€ (1,001.97€ + VAT)
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Model: VP-6AES240020
Availability: Available
Expected delivery: July 25, 2024
Shipping fee: 30.52€
Volt Polska 24V 200Ah 100A LiFePo4 Energy storage battery pack (25,6V) is designed for energy storage in solar panel systems. Maximize your solar system.


ULTRA 5 25.6V 200Ah 100A energy storage devices are devices designed to store energy produced by photovoltaic devices. They work on the principle of collecting electricity at the right moment and then releasing it. The sun does not shine 24 hours a day, and most households consume most of their energy in the morning and evening, when sunlight is scarce. It is therefore worth generating energy under favourable conditions so that it can be used later during the peak electricity period. This allows us to optimise electricity consumption and achieve energy independence.
The ULTRA 5 25.6V 200Ah 100A energy storage is widely used in private spaces (family houses) and public spaces (restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, factories, etc.).
Key features:

The use of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, which affects the long life and safety of the device.
The possibility of performing around 6000 cycles , allowing the device to be recharged and discharged repeatedly while maintaining at least 60% of the original capacity. This translates into many years of durability, which is important in applications where stable power availability is required for many years.
BMS (Battery Management System) monitoring system that monitors various parameters such as voltage, current, temperature and state of charge. It also protects the device from excessive discharge, overcharging and extreme temperatures.
The modular design allows parallel connection of the storage units, so that in the future we can expand the photovoltaic installation or increase capacity as energy demand increases.
The modern design and small size allow the unit to be installed in virtually any interior.

Energy storage - kits

The energy storage is compatible with Volt Polska SINUS ULTRA 24V 4000VA and 24V 6000VA inverters. The system is practical and can be configured according to the instructions provided.
The cooperation and integration of these components into a single system allows efficient storage and use of electricity in different conditions and applications.
Proper operation of the energy storage and inverter is key to efficient storage and use of electricity, ensuring reliable power supply to appliances and optimal management of energy production and consumption.

The SINUS PRO ULTRA 4000VA and 6000VA models are designed for the ULTRA 5 25.6V 200Ah 100A energy storage model. In the ULTRA 5 25.6V 200Ah 100A energy storage system, the BMS system built into the battery is designed to supply 24VDC power, which is generated by the Ultra 4000VA and 6000VA inverter. What can each device in the kit be used for?

The energy storage is used to store excess electricity for use by the user during periods of peak consumption, such as morning and evening.
The inverter is mainly used to convert electricity. It converts direct current (DC) from the energy storage into alternating current (AC), which can be used to power electrical appliances in the home, including: heating (central heating furnaces), household appliances (refrigerators, microwave ovens, TVs), computers, power tools.
The inverter can perform monitoring, control and supervision functions for energy storage operations, such as: energy flow regulation, overload or discharge protection.


Cell technology LiFePO4
Voltage 25,6V
Efficiency 98
Storageinformation_mark External warehouse
Product code 6AES240020
Weight 50000 g
Watt-hour capacity 5120


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