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EcoFlow DELTA Pro remote control (display)

EcoFlow DELTA Pro remote control (display)
109.44€ (86.17€ + VAT)
109.44€ (86.17€ + VAT)
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Model: MN-2808433
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EcoFlow DELTA Pro remote control (display)


EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ecothome panel
Enjoy the convenience of controlling EcoFlow DELTA Pro remotely. Connect it using the Ethernet cable or Bluetooth and easily control your settings wherever you are. This is ideal if you have the power plant in the garage or maybe under the table and you no longer have to go to the power plant every time you want to check something! Note: The panel is only compatible with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro power plant!

You have everything under control!
The smart panel gives you convenient access to all the information that appears on the EcoFlow DELTA Pro display. You can check the amount of energy used, the charge level and much more. With the panel you can remotely switch on or off AC outputs, DC outputs or even the whole power plant.

Two connection options
You can connect the EcoFlow panel in two different ways. If you want mobility and freedom, you can use Bluetooth, but you can also connect it with an Ethernet cable. Choose the option that suits you best!

Remote control
With the EcoFlow smart panel you can conveniently operate your power plant remotely! This will also be ideal if you are charging your device with a solar panel or charger. Conveniently operate your EcoFlow DELTA Pro remotely!

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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ecohome panel
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