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EcoFlow smart generator Dual Fuel

EcoFlow smart generator Dual Fuel
969.23€ (763.17€ + VAT)
969.23€ (763.17€ + VAT)
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Model: MN-040468
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Expected delivery: July 26, 2024
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Thanks to the Ecoflow aggregator, you can charge your Ecoflow Power Stations.


EcoFlow dual operation smart generator
Prepare for unexpected situations and ensure a reliable power source. You can use the EcoFlow smart generator together with DELTA Pro and DELTA Max power plants or even PowerKits products. You can charge the device in two ways: with gasoline or car gas (propane-butane gas), thanks to which the smart generator will not let you down in any situation! The device is also very easy and safe to use.

Two types of fuel
Make sure your devices are always up and running! You can run the generator on fuel or auto gas, so you have access to power in any situation. It will be perfect at home, during a caravan trip, but it will also come in handy in case of an unexpected power outage! It is worth using autogas as an additional fuel, as it can be stored for a longer period of time and produces less exhaust gas.

Greater efficiency
Opt for already proven solutions! When you combine the device with the Power Kits system or the DELTA Max / DELTA Pro power plant, it can provide up to 40% more efficient performance (compared to standard units of the same type). This way you can save fuel, produce less exhaust gas and charge the battery faster. With its help, you can fully charge the DELTA Max power plant in 1.5 hours and the DELTA Pro in 2.7 hours. The operating time of the smart generator is 3.5 hours with gasoline and 12.5 hours with auto gas.

You can access electricity anytime!
Charge your devices even if the power plant is dead! In the case of the EcoFlow smart generator, you can use the AC output even when the device is charging. Connect your most important devices to it and don't run out of power! In addition, if both AC and DC ports are in use, the device will automatically prioritize AC, so you can enjoy uninterrupted operation of your important devices!

Additional options with the application
Combine the smart generator with the EcoFlow application and gain access to additional options! With it, you can control the DC output parameters, turn the device on or off remotely, switch to Eco mode and receive useful notifications. In addition, you can even set the device to turn off automatically if its battery level drops below a certain level.

Safety first!
The generator is equipped with an LCD display and various inverters, thanks to which it is not only much easier to use, but also provides easy access to the most important information. For example, it has a carbon monoxide detector, and also sends warnings about fuel and engine oil. The unit is also protected against overload and overheating, and most safety features (apart from the fuel warning) automatically shut down the generator in an emergency.

You can launch it in four ways
In an emergency, quick operation and ease of use are the most important! The smart generator meets both requirements. The device is extremely user-friendly and you can start it in four ways: you can turn it on in 2 seconds using an electronic button, you can also start it manually with the application or use the automatic start function. Note: the DELTA Max / Pro power plant or the Power Kits system must be used for automatic starting.

Be prepared for the unexpected
Longer power outages will not be a problem with the smart generator. The device is equipped with an outstanding 1600-1800W power and a 4-liter fuel tank. With this, you can generate 5.4 kWh using gasoline or 20 kWh using autogas. Connect it to DELTA Pro or Max and provide reliable power supply to your devices! You don't have to worry about noise either, as the built-in attenuator reduces the device's noise level to 56-67 dB (from a distance of 7 meters).

Ease of use and maintenance
With the generator, you can easily supply your devices with electricity! If you use car gas, simply connect the cylinder to the appropriate outlet, you don't have to disassemble anything! The smart generator also has a built-in pressure regulator and its transport will not be a problem, and you can also easily remove its side panel for the necessary maintenance work.

Contents of the box
Smart generator Dual Fuel
User manual
Additional battery connection cable
Oil funnel
Spark plug socket
Drive shaft
Double-ended spanner
LPG hose


Size 597x300x475mm
Storageinformation_mark External warehouse
Weight 30500 g
Wireless No



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