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EcoFlow Wave 2 portable AC heater/cooler

EcoFlow Wave 2 portable AC heater/cooler
RRP: 959.71€
777.82€ (612.46€ + VAT)
Discount: 181.89€
RRP: 959.71€
777.82€ (612.46€ + VAT)
Discount: 181.89€
Average Rating: Not Rated
Model: MN-2808720
Availability: External stock
Expected delivery: June 26, 2024
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EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable air conditioner
Ensure the optimum temperature in your holiday home or caravan. EcoFlow Wave 2 is an air conditioner with cooling and heating functions, perfect for various applications. It does not require complicated installation and is very quiet. It also uses environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant and has a variety of operating modes to choose from. What's more, you can power it in a number of ways, including using the separately purchased rechargeable battery.

Multiple applications
Cool off on hot days or enjoy the pleasant warmth in winter. The Wave 2 air conditioner is perfect for all seasons and offers many uses in different situations. For example, you can use it in a motorhome, a small house, a yacht or even a tent. Ensure the optimal temperature in almost every situation - with EcoFlow it becomes easier than ever!

Fast heating and cooling
Wave 2 is the world's first portable air conditioner that offers both heating and cooling functions. It is equipped with a specially designed compressor that guarantees unparalleled performance. What does this mean in practice? Wave 2 provides up to 5100 BTU cooling and 6100 BTU heating. This means that it only takes 5 minutes to raise the temperature of a 10 m3 room from 20°C to 30°C or to reduce it from 30°C to 20°C.

Forget complicated installation
The air conditioner is ready for use almost immediately. It does not require complicated installation and is very easy to use. In addition, thanks to its relatively small size, it is also perfect for small rooms. However, this is by no means the end of the comfort provided by Wave 2 - when used in cooling mode (with humidity below 70%), there is no need to drain the water - it is released in the form of steam. (Draining the water is necessary in heating mode.)

Quiet operation
EcoFlow Wave 2 also works perfectly at night - don't worry about it disturbing your rest. In sleep mode, its volume is only about 44 dB - forget about the annoying noise! Place the air conditioner in your RV, home or tent, ensure optimal temperature and enjoy comfort - Wave 2 combines impressive performance with trouble-free operation.

Long operating time with additional battery
An additional battery can also be purchased to enable wireless operation of the air conditioner. Get rid of cables and get more freedom! With up to 8 hours of operating time in Eco mode, you can enjoy pleasant warmth or coolness for a long time. Now you can use your air conditioner anywhere - you don't have to worry about the available sockets.

Different power supply options
You can power your air conditioner in several ways, so you can use it comfortably in almost any situation. When you're at home, simply plug the device into a power outlet. Are you in a place where access to electricity is difficult or impossible? Use an extra battery, solar panels, car charger or portable power plant! With EcoFlow, you can easily prepare for any situation.

Environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant
EcoFlow creates solutions that are not only user-friendly, but also safe for the environment. The Wave 2 air conditioner uses natural refrigerant R290, which is clean, environmentally friendly and provides the coolness you dream of on hot days. It also does not produce ozone and helps reduce your ecological footprint.

Extended ecosystem
Wave 2 is just the beginning. Combine the air conditioner with a DELTA 2 or DELTA Max battery (or their additional batteries) and you can achieve an even longer operating time of up to 7-14 hours in Eco mode. You can also use another portable power plant with at least 820 watts of power. Get more options and enjoy the optimal temperature all day long!

Useful accessories
You will also find many useful accessories in the package, which allow you to use the air conditioner freely in different places and adapt it to your current needs. For example, you can connect air ducts to it for more targeted cooling. Such a solution is excellent for a motorhome and allows you to place the unit at any distance.

Contents of the box:
EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable air conditioner
Exhaust duct adapter cover (A, B and C)
Ventilation grille
Exhaust ducts (D, E)
Drain pipe

Brand EcoFlow
Name Wave 2
Model EFKT210
Cooling/heating power 1500 W / 1800 W (5100 BTU / 6100 BTU)
Cooling area ≤ 10 m²
Temperature control range between 16°C and 30°C
Available modes Cooling, Heating, Fan, Fast, Slow, Eco
Refrigerant R290 (130 g)
Air flow 290 m3/h
Rated cooling/heating input power (AC) 550 W / 600 W
Rated cooling/heating input power (DC) 495 W / 54


Size 518x297x336mm
Storageinformation_mark External warehouse
Weight 14500 g
Wireless No


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