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EcoFlow Delta 1300 portable power station

EcoFlow Delta 1300 portable power station
RRP: 1,275.61€
841.90€ (662.91€ + VAT)
Discount: 433.71€
RRP: 1,275.61€
841.90€ (662.91€ + VAT)
Discount: 433.71€
Average Rating: Not Rated
Model: 1ECO1300-EX
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Expected delivery: July 26, 2024
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A Power Stationnek köszönhetően sehol sem maradsz energia nélkül. Vidd magaddal ezt a power stationt és maradj mindig feltöltve.


Delta 1300 - mobile power station
The EcoFlow Delta 1300 sets a new standard for cordless power generators. It has a capacity of 1260Wh, making it the most advanced model of the EcoFlow brand. The Delta 1300 can be recharged instantly with the included photovoltaic panels or by plugging it into the mains socket, and is extremely versatile - it will power all the necessary devices - from phones and laptops to household appliances, drones, tools and even electric vehicles and medical devices.


Innovative technology - safe and easy to use

Typical liquid fuel generators are cumbersome to use and noisy, require the use of flammable liquids, contribute to air pollution and cause the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. All these problems disappear with battery-powered generators, which are safe even when used indoors and do not require special regular maintenance.



Ready for operation in just an hour

Thanks to the X-Stream Recharge technology, the station will reach 80% charge in less than an hour, making it unrivalled in this product sector.



1800 W output power

With an output of 1800 watts, Delta 1300 is able to power almost any device in the household, from lighting to power tools. In an emergency, it can even power an electric vehicle.


Universal sockets to connect almost any device

EcoFlow Delta 1300 is equipped with 11 ports:

  • 2x USB Fast Charge 28 W
  • 2x USB 12 W
  • 2x USB-C 60 W
  • 4x AC
  • 1x Electric car charging socket

11 devices powered simultaneously

Delta 1300 is designed to give you peace of mind in an emergency and support where you need it. Delta is perfect for a party in the garden or at home. It allows you to power 11 devices at the same time.


1260 Wh capacity

With Delta 1300 you are ready for any eventuality. Interruptions in the power supply will no longer be so much of a nuisance. Even in the event of a power outage, you can power your fridge, lighting, medical devices and other essential home appliances.



Compatible with solar systems

You can charge the 1300 Delta 1300 with free, inexhaustible solar energy. The device is compatible with public photovoltaic panels and dedicated EcoFlow panels. In full sun, using 400W photovoltaic panels, you will charge Delta in just 4 hours. You can even connect Delta to photovoltaic panels installed on the roof.


High-quality materials and reinforced construction

The Delta 1300 uses the highest quality aluminum and reinforced steel, providing strength and resistance. The rigid construction and properly planned center of gravity protect the device from accidental tipping over.

Patented X-STREAM Charge technology

The energy management technology used converts DC to AC and AC to DC in the most efficient way, allowing the Delta 1300 to be charged in just 2 hours. Protection systems prevent overcharging.


Advanced solutions
Delta 1300 is equipped with 140 lithium-ion cells. To extend the life cycle of the device, a proprietary system was developed that regulates the operation of individual cells and ensures their performance using artificial intelligence algorithms.



UPS system - full support in case of mains power shortages

Delta 1300 is equipped with an intelligent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system that automatically detects a power outage and switches the station into power mode for connected devices. It is ideal when you cannot afford to interrupt equipment such as a computer or medical device.



Even more possibilities



Size 400 x 210 x 270
Capacityinformation_mark 340000 mAh
Storageinformation_mark External warehouse
Weight 14000 g
Wireless No



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